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Coach Pauline (PCC)

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Development Tools

All coachees receive BOLDLY platform resources to support their coaching outcomes


Curate careers content specific to learning journeys and target talent groups


Campaigns for communicating key careers messages with your people


Private space for your staff to work with their coach - chat, calendar booking, & file share


Enable self-awareness and support coaching progress for all staff with positive psychology-based exercises


Advanced reporting designed for your business, delivering bespoke coaching ROI


Streamline goal-setting & deliver careers resources linked to internal content

Our Coachees

Hear what they have to say about BOLDLY

Our BOLDLY coachees come from all career stages, all professions, and all corners of the globe.

They have one thing in common - they're motivated to achieve their personal career bests, working in collaboration with a professional BOLDLY coach.

My coach nails it, and I look forward to have following up sessions with her.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

It was a really great experience. Now I can understand why coaching sessions are so highly recommended.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

We were able to walk through some of my career challenges & come up with concrete actions afterwards which I really like.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

My coach is very patient and provided insightful comments on how I should proceed with job transition and my own personal development plan.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

Our BOLDLY Coaches

Rigorously vetted to ensure global coaching quality

Coach Hun Boon

I find coaching to be one of the most powerful and profound ways of helping people flourish in their careers and lives. Helping others gives me immense satisfaction and a renewed sense of purpose.

Coach Marie-Liesse

If you’ve reached a point in your life or career where you feel the need for better alignment and clarity, coaching is a powerful way to engage in self-exploration.

Coach Wendy

Coaching is powerful growth optimiser.  The process stretches the capability of a leader navigate through complex challenges and move confidently forward. It optimises both the potential of the business and the leader.    

Coach Harry

I work with both emerging and established leaders to build their skills, confidence and awareness of their leadership style, give them insight to what might be working against them and how to leverage their strengths. This helps teams and organisations thrive to get the next level.  

Flexible Coaching Models

We have you covered for all coaching and development scenarios

Buy 1- hour credits for staff to use as they need.

This coaching model is great for early-careers, and to support regular performance management conversations.

There's no chemistry sessions here - we'll assign the coach for each session. It's as easy as that!


Select a bundle of 6-8-10 sessions (for example) for your coachee to have a consistent relationship with one coach of their choosing.

This model typically suits mid-career and senior management roles, where development goals are more complex and need a sustained approach.


Senior executives require a deep an ongoing coaching relationship.  

These relationships ramp up around tough decisions, and ramp down to regular check-ins during business as usual.

We help to match and continuously support retained coaching for your top team.


How Companies Use BOLDLY

We screen and vet the best professional coaches globally,
and streamline delivery with our digital coaching platform

This coaching type encompasses professional coaching, career coaching, or executive coaching, all considered as 'traditional' coaching relationships.

This involves 1 coach and 1 coachee working together on development goals.

1:1 Development Coaching

There's a difference!
Team coaching develops relationships n-tact-teams. Group coaching is when several individuals connect together for coaching on a common theme.

We facilitate a 1:6 coach to coachee ratio.

Team & Group Coaching

Whether you have a new hire, or an existing employee transitioning into a new role, it's a critical moment when coaching can support success, and accelerate the coachees time-to-effectiveness.

We ensure repeatable coaching, either 1:1 or in groups.

Onboarding Coaching

Josh Bersin

Coaching really does matter, by the way. Study after study has shown that a coach... can be a teacher, a guide, and often a helpful psychologist. They increase confidence and professional skills and employees really appreciate the support.

~ AI-Enabled Coaching Is Hot. And There’s Lots More To Come.

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When to coach?

It's important to know when to mentor, train, or coach.
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Build Coaching Culture

We work with you to weave coaching into your L&D agenda and business goals.

Women in

Build Coaching

Coaching Skills


Counselling Skills

First Time


Measure Coaching ROI

A personalised approach to demonstrating YOUR business impact

One in four (25%) organisations have a dedicated coaching budget, with 21% of their overall training budget spent on coaching.

So how do they know the impact (ROI) of that coaching?

We work with you to measure the unique ROI of coaching for your organisation.

Our Partnerships

We collaborate to bring coaching impact across your business landscape

We're Different

Companies look to BOLDLY because of our expertise in the global coaching market.

We know what good looks like - we wrote the book!

Our coaches undergo behavioural interviews, accreditation screening, and ethics activities before they're onboarded to Level 1 of the BOLDLY coach pool.

We take reference checks, and collect ongoing NPS on our coach partners. We also offer and strongly encourage coach supervision and continued development.

The quality and breadth of our coaches means the world to us.

Our BOLDLY engagement workspace offers coach and coachee a private space to chat, book meetings, share relevant files, and complete activities to open self-awareness and define goals.

The BOLDLY platform allows us to easily scale our quality processes for large organisations.

Our simple, thoughtful workflows allow for a smooth buying experience, and engagement execution, while the BOLDLY platform ensures we can track and support thousands of coaching engagements simultaneously.

Several aspects of the BOLDLY platform are automated with AI, to support goal setting and meeting booking, while our integrations with HRIS and LXP platforms create consistent employee journeys.

We're proud to say we've got some of the best customer relationships in the industry.

We go the extra mile to ensure all of our clients coaching needs are met, ensuring research-backed methodology and exceptional customer support.

In the fledgeling industry of CoachingTech, we have some of the longest standing relationships around. Let us work with you to show you how it's done!


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