Coaching Technology

The ultimate goals of coaching are to enhance self-regulation, and enable your staff towards professional development and wellbeing. Our BOLDLY coaching platform ensures you  deliver consistent, scalable coaching for your people, globally. We deliver skill development, career advancement, staff engagement and wellness through flexible coaching models:

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching

Team Coaching

On-demand Coaching

Onboarding Coaching

All About Our Coaching Technology

Through so much of our client work in organisational development and talent management, we see a common theme: to make real ‘people-first change’ effective, we need agents working with staff in personal moments of reflection and insight to support sustainable performance.

For us, that army of secret agents is our Professional Coaches. We pride ourselves on having the largest professional network of qualified coaches globally, supported and enabled by our proprietary CoachingTech platform: BOLDLY.

Through our Professional Coaches and the BOLDLY platform, we’re able to scale real change initiatives with our clients, by providing consistent development and communication across their organisations, reinforcing performance and change initiatives in the 1:1, group and team conversations where they matter most.

The BOLDLY platform is versatile to deliver a range of coaching models, to achieve your coaching culture objectives.

Our world-class implementation and continuous improvement model ensures your organisation can develop a mature approach to coaching, driving consistency across procurement, coach quality, employee experience, and budgeting.

We pride ourselves on being the only CoachingTech player globally with real experience and heritage in business process outsourcing, which means you can expect the same level of sophistication and operating know-how from us as you would from your RPO or other BPO partners.

Our BOLDLY platform is an essential element of our success, enabling not only staff development through coaching and mentoring, but also establishing the go-to communication channel for all personal career growth, impacting performance, retention and engagement across your companies talent lifecycle, with customized careers journeys from early careers to mid-career staff, and into the executive team.

BOLDLY becomes a valuable ‘career hub’ for your staff to track their personal development, maintain records, access resources and track progress against personal goals, while giving you the ability to report on career trends across your staff population. Our clients value our advanced analytics for the powerful insights it offers, and their ability to direct career and development resources with confidence of ROI.

Our clients get the best results when they integrate BOLDLY into their broader development initiatives, ensuring touchpoints with hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, training and career planning. Our globally experienced consultants work with you to ‘knit’ the coaching approach through your talent framework to deliver a seamless employee career journey.

Your organisation can work with Lanterne Rouge and the BOLDLY platform to ensure effectiveness of coaching and mentoring initiatives for target talent groups such as:
- Female Leaders
- Early Careers
- Parents
- First Time Managers
- Secondees
- Leadership Development Cohorts
- Hi-Pos

The BOLDLY user experience is designed to deliver digital coaching and mentoring, bringing in the ‘high-touch’ experience of live coaching where needed, to enable democratisation of the coaching model across your organisation.

The platform is configured to support an individual to not only take on coaching or mentoring, but also to understand 'how careers work' through our bespoke careers content. We’re here to discuss the impact this can have for your staff as they go on their personal growth journeys, in parallel with your business strategy.

Build Staff Profiles

With BOLDLY, your staff will complete research-backed activities to understand their career profile, divers, competencies, goals and motivations. Our proprietary activities build dynamic staff profiles, ensuring your staff build self-awareness as they prepare to start their coaching journeys.

Communicate Key Careers Messages

Use our BOLDLY platform for easier communication!

Through the BOLDLY platform, you can connect your staff with just-in-time learning content, assessment, relevant media, business updates and learning community discussions to ensure an ongoing coaching learning journey, tailored to your business. Our customized communications pathways mean you can ensure brand and programme alignment of messaging to your staff.

Connect Staff with Coaches

Make connections!

With a strong, unique learner profile, BOLDLY can then match your staff with the right Coach, whether you're supporting them with 1:1, Group/Team, On-Demand or Onboarding coaching, we have a global database of other 4,800 Professional Coaches ready to work with your people. The BOLDLY platform then ensures meeting cadence, and sustains 'between-session' activities to reinforce coaching outcomes.

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