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Receive enquiries from potential clients and coachees worldwide.

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Choose from our suite of learning materials and activities, or use your own.

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Continue communication and follow-through between coaching sessions.

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Proposals, appointments, billing and payments with the click of a button.

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BOLDLY coach

Our coaches undergo behavioural interviews, ethics activities, credentials review, reference checks, and group onboarding before becoming qualified for billable work on BOLDLY. We take standards of professionalism seriously, and aim to contribute to the industry as a whole.

Once working through BOLDLY, coaches have access to supervision, continuous development, and are subject to Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to be recommended for their work.

Set your own rates, and contribute to this thriving community!

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on global partnerships, coaching innovation and exceptional service

We work with some of the globes top coaching and mentoring cultures as they progress the maturity of their programs from ad hoc to world-class.

They come to BOLDLY not only for our technology, but our global footprint, Coach quality screening and selection, clear methodology and key service moments.

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Our Point of View

In a free and open market, you should be able to set your own rates, not be restricted by a prohibitive brokers agreement.

We'll work with you, and the client budget, to reach fair and equitable rates based on market data insights.

Our Point of View

As coaching professionalises, we want to lead the movement in coaching standards, ethics and research.

This means subscribing to global codes, continuous coach development, and training rooted in psychology.

Our Point of View

The value you bring as a coach should be enabled by tech, aimed at compounding coaching results.

Coaching Tech opens you up to a world of counterparts beyond your backdoor. It's not just 'going online' with your sessions. It's about finding ways to engage coachees between meetings, with smart content and reflection opportunities.

Our Point of View

We firmly believe in coaching techniques backed by evidence and scientific method.

No proprietary models or thumb in the wind approaches. Our coaches need to work with evidence-based methods from peer-reviewed journals, emanating from the best universities. Our credibility as an industry relies on our ability to back-up our practices with recognisable research.

How BOLDLY Works

Our clients undertake a thorogh intake process, sharing initial goals for the engagement and confirming success factors.


Client registers

Based on intake requirements, your profile will be selected into a longlist.


Coaches matched
to engagement

The client will refine the longlist to a shortlist, reaching out to 3 coaches for chemistry metings.


Chemistry meeting
& confirmation

Following chemistry meeting, a successful coach will be confirmed, and you'll use the BOLDLY digital platform to deliver the engagement.


Use our engagement workspace!

Access Our Platform

Your coaching engagements benefits from our BOLDLY digital coaching resources

Career Activities

Use a combination of personalized activities, reflection exercises and psychometric assessments (coming soon) to help your Counterpart shape their profile.

Goal Setting

Guides your Counterpart through the process of exploring options and setting targets for their career and professional development, meaning you can start your coaching engagements with clear objectives.

Skill Building

Allows your Counterpart to review media resources related to their personal goals, translating to on-the-job performance and enhanced personal & career development. You can share specialised media to support your engagements too.


Allows your Counterpart to gather feedback, maintain career momentum with the help of peers, and chat with you (their Coach!) between coaching sessions.

Coaching Circles

Meet via our video calls, or in person, for chemistry meetings and coaching sessions, and use our encrypted chat function and file share for engagement management.


Compiles milestones, goals and achievements into one view for you and your Counterpart to share and track progress, and better understand how careers work, demonstrating the impact of coaching.

Collaborate In Coaching Culture

Understanding the broader organisational context for coaching is critical for success in your 1:1 engagements.

We work with you to contribute to the total system through your engagement workflow.

In a recent study of HR, L&D and TM professionals (n=366), it was found that thirty-two percent of organizations use internal coach practitioners, external coach practitioners AND managers/leaders using coaching skills simultaneously*

Do you know how to work with the broader strategy? We can help you.

How We're Different

We pioneered coaching tech, with a coach-centered approach. We know that when you win, we win!

Our coaches work with us because we're fair and transparent, and we always respect the partnership.

As a coach, your expertise is invaluable to driving consistent service and value to these global brands. We couldn’t be more pleased to collaborate with you!

We pride ourselves on having the fairest deal for coaches, globally.

Let's coallaborate to build your business. Because when you have a thriving career, we all win.

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