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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is your opportunity for personalised development.

A coach will work with you to define your skills, goals and career aspirations, and co-create a plan to achieve them.

Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is more often helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

~ John Whitmore, author and founder of the GROW model of coaching, Coaching for Performance, 2010

This is the 'traditional' type of coaching, where you work 1:1 with your coach on your personal development goals.

There's so many names - career coaching, executive coaching, professional coaching... we do it all! But in essence, this is the engagement type that's tailored just for you.

Team coaching is where you join coaching together in your work group, usually to work on communication and collaboration as a unit.

Group coaching is where you join together with other individuals, who share a similar development need as you, for example, first time managers.

In both situations, you can expect a maximum of 1 coach to 6 colleagues ratio, to make sure you're still getting the air time you deserve in your sessions!

When we're starting a new job, whether you're new to a company or changing roles internally, the aim of the game is to hit the ground running!

Coaching for this specific need can sometimes be called 'transition coaching' and is aimed at the 30-60-90 day goals of your onboarding. You'll work on goals and get support to short-cut your time to productivity and satisfaction in your new position.

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Coach Pauline, PCC

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Get to know how coaching works, and how you can maximize this opportunity for growth


How to ask your boss
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How to conduct a
chemistry meeting


What to expect in
your first session

Who Benefits
From Coaching?

Well... we all can! If you're undertaking coaching, you personally have the most to gain. Make it count!

Whether you're early in your career, or have experinece under your belt, coaching can benefit you!

So long as you are:

- Motivated to develop
- Willing to take on feedback
- Invested in your own success

Nobody wants to show you the hours and hours of becoming. They’d rather show you the highlight of what they’ve become.

~ Angela Duckworth, Grit: Passion, Perseverance, and the Science of Success, 2016

Incremental change is better than ambitious failure… success feeds on itself.

~Tony Schwartz (as cited in Tal Ben-Shahar, Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment, 2007)

Why You Should
Want A Coach

A coach hyper-personalizes your development plan

While training is great for gaining knowledge, and mentors are great for network and advice, a coach is there to listen to your personal motivations, support your goal setting process, then use coaching techniques to ensure you achieve them.

In short, coaching is all about YOU. You take it in the direction you choose for your career.

We were able to walk through some of my career challenges & come up with concrete actions afterwards which I really like.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

My coach is very patient and provided insightful comments on how I should proceed with job transition and my own personal development plan.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

How you know coaching is effective

Watch on to learn the signs of coaching success

We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failures are not the opposite of success – it’s part of success.

~ Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global

It is fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons from failure.

~ Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft

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Coach Sam (PCC)

We received a slate of coaches quickly, who matched our needs and we were able to make a very efficient selection.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

Our coach business partner did a great job of guiding us through the selection process, and introduced some considerations we hadn't thought of. Overall great outcome

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

We work with BOLDLY because of the breadth of offering. Most coaching tech shoehorns us into a very limited range of coaching options. We really feel like you partner with us. Thanks.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

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Why use a coach

Still wondering why a coach is a good idea for your career? Here's some more insights on the typical benefits
coachees notice in their work.

My coach nails it, and I look forward to have following up sessions with her.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

It was a really great experience. Now I can understand why coaching sessions are so highly recommended.

~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback

How You Advance

BOLDLY not only connects you with your perfect coach, we can collaborate on your assessment,
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