We're more than just a coaching, career and development platform. We're about empowerment!


We believe in your ability to make decisions and choices to define and live out your success.

We know the importance of opening access to career happiness for EVERYONE - not just privileged employees or those who can afford it.

We believe in the power of feeling engaged in your career. Having purpose and satisfaction at work can positively affect your whole life.

We want to meet you at your point of challenge and connect you to the resources you need to overcome and triumph.

Take charge of your career.

Achieve your goals, and do it with confidence -- with career tools, resources and expert guidance customized to your needs.

Boldly - take charge of your career

Tools and Resources

Get access to career tools and resources customized to your goals and interests.

Professional Coaches

If you want an extra boost, choose from hundreds of Professional Coaches globally.

Free Activities

Build your self-awareness and gain feedback from others with our activities.


BOLDLY provides a hyper-personalized career building experience by blending six fundamental principles through a learning FLOW, ACTIVITIES & coaching CIRCLES.


Uses a combination of targeted activities, personalised reflection materials and psychometric assessment (coming soon) to help shape and build your unique profile.

Goal Setting

Guides you through the process of exploring options and setting targets for your future career and professional development.

Skill Building

Using the latest in machine learning, allows you to collect resources and access tools that enable progress against personal goals, translating to on-the-job performance and enhanced personal & career development.

Coaching Premium Service

Gives you access to qualified Coaches who ask questions that prompt reflection, and with your input, helps you develop an accelerated plan to achieve your career goals, developing your hard and soft skills along the way.

Tracking Coming Soon

Compiles your milestones, goals and achievements into one view, allowing you to track your progress and better understand how careers work.

BOLDLY works with you
at all stages of your journey

No matter where you find yourself in your career, whether you’re early-stage, making a transition, or perhaps you’re embedded in a great career and you're just looking for that extra performance edge


I'm NEW to my Career


I'm making a CAREER CHANGE


I'm looking for a PERFORMANCE EDGE