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Our mission is simple: to ensure everyone has equal opportunity in the future of work by creating accessibility to the tools and resources they need to drive a personally successful and relevant career, because career success is not for the privileged few.

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Case 1 - Talent Advisory

Accelerated Team Development

With its wide range of continuously evolving products, solutions and services, the client are recognised experts in the cutting-edge technologies used for ensuring the highest availability of the electrical power supply to critical facilities and buildings. For nearly a century, the client has delivered the most innovative solutions to ensure the energy performance of electrical installations, wherever it is critical around the globe.

The Need

The client APAC had a newly formed shared service accounting function, with a new leader.

The team needed to quickly come together as a team to deliver business results, and establish their operating rhythm with the sales team in particular.

The Solution

The solution involved 1:1 meetings with all team members, a 6 month team coaching engagement, 4 skills-based workshops to calibrate professional knowledge and accelerate team bonding, and executive coaching of the financial controller to support and enable the leadership

The Result

Outcomes - the team were better able to understand strengths, roles and responsibilities, and accelerate ways of working together.

The leader established clear team objectives, and was able to shift to a partnership model with the business

Case 2 - First Time Managers

APAC Management Development Programme

“Our facilitator had a clear coaching style - she is a native Korean speaker, and was really able to connect with the participants and their unique management context. The content is clear and was delivered well ahead of the workshops. Our managers have been putting the skills to work.”
- HR Director

The Need

The client was a German provider of sample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics, applied testing, academic and pharmaceutical research.

They have invested in management development initiatives out of the German headquarters, and required a partner to contextualize these programmes to the APAC management group.

The client sought our Lanterne Rouge as a facilitation partner, experienced in the development of first-time managers.

The Solution

This collaboration included content design, adaptation of existing programmes and LMS content, and facilitation of live and digital workshops.

We delivered courses on the ground in China, Korea, Singapore and Australia, in addition to several series of digital courses.

- Delegation
- Lateral leadership
- Coaching skills
- Problem-solving

The Result

The client was able to put more than 60Managers in APAC through the refreshed programme in 2018, ensuring alignment with the German HQ leadership frameworks and culture, while also reflecting the unique needs and experiences of Managers in the APAC context.

This refreshed content was licensed to the client and now forms part of their ongoing management initiatives.

Case 3 -Talent Advisory.

Hi-Po Female Leadership Development Programme

The client in question is among the largest global providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Their Global Women's Initiative is led by senior leaders and championed by the CEO and Executive Group, with the express aim of increasing representation of women in leadership roles by identifying and attracting women to within the client globally; offering career development and skill-building; and ensuring that all women thrive with our client.

The Need

The client sought to refresh and relaunch a regional APAC Female Leaders programme.

This initiative spanned all business units, and was strategically aimed at identifying and nurturing high potential female leaders to enable diversity in succession planning

The Solution

Design and facilitate 3 day workshop experience and complimentary mentorship programme.

In particular, the programme needed to engage a culturally diverse group of learners from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand. Workshop content included:

The Result

The overall programme received strong positive feedback from participants and stakeholders.

A 6 months post-programme follow up demonstrated good follow-through of mentoring relationships and retention of participants.

Case 4 - On Demand Coaching

Coaching Community Management

"It was a really great experience, I can understand why coaching sessions are highly recommended. We were able to walk through some of my questions and come up with concrete actions afterwards which I really like. I haven't experienced this yet with any other coaching sessions thus far in the programme so I really appreciated this type of coaching style." - Participant

The Need

The client identified a need to introduce coaching to their successful graduate program. Participants across 3 graduate cohorts had little experience with coaching and may not have been able to identify appropriate coaching triggers and set coaching expectations.

The client identified coaching needs in the topics of career counselling, work skills(like preparing for presentations, projects and performance appraisals) and support with mindset, communication and behaviors. The budget needed to be managed carefully and they already had relationships with a group of coaches

The Solution

The solution included building a library of resources for a tailored media journey for each cohort. This educated and primed the participants on coaching triggers, setting coaching goals, the coaches available and served to encourage uptake of sessions.

We designed a request and approval process and managed the relationships with the coaches to allocate sessions and gain quality feedback after each session.

Our community manager tracked sessions, kept in touch with the participants and encouraged uptake of sessions.

The Result

The first cohort to complete a year of the program saw all participants engaged in the program.

The program’s success allowed us to setup 2 more cohorts, and expand to graduates who had finished their program, and a similar model was introduced for new leaders to support in the first 3 months.

On Demand Coaching has proved to bean excellent entry to Coaching and primes participants to identify their own or their colleagues coaching needs in the future to engage more formally.

Case 5 - Blended Solution

Community Management for Action Learning Projects

"I would like to acknowledge your role as the Community Manager in this programme which I’m sure contributed significantly to participants success.
Thanks for your assistance in ensuring everything went smoothly - you gave me a sense of assurance whether the leaders were on track, and where interventions were needed."

The Need

The client faced a challenge commonly
found in action learning scenarios: how to ensure the teams are cohesive, building strong group dynamics and insightful final presentations.

There is also a consideration to ensure teams have enough autonomy to come together and solve problems, hence L&Daims to offer clear guidelines and resources, integrating with the curriculum, while being ‘hands-off’ to ensure maximum ALP learning opportunity

The Solution

Lanterne Rouge supports each Leadership Development Program with a dedicated Learning Community Manager(LCM) who is a neutral conduit between the participants, project sponsors, business coaches, faculty, and L&D team.

The objective of the LCM is to guide positive group dynamics, nudge the team toward relevant resources, and provide qualitative insights back to the program sponsors. These insights ensure final presentations are delivered to a high standard, while the main learning objectives are kept forefront in the experience.

The Result

1. Learners benefit from the personal connection to enable their action learning insights.

2. L&D team benefit from transparent and unbiased program feedback in real time, qualitative insights into individual performance and group dynamics, and the confidence in learning outcomes.

3. Business Sponsors & Coaches appreciate the central point of contact, and progress nudges to support their groups. As subject matter experts, they benefit from the LCM as custodian of ‘how learning happens’ for their group

Case 6 - Early Careers

Developing Future Leaders

“The role of Lanterne Rouge in supporting our MAs has been instrumental in the success of the programme. The consultants were able to gain a deep understanding of the culture of the client, which not only got us the right candidates, but has enabled their full journey in ways that allow the MAs to contribute effectively all across the whole organisation.
- HR Director

The Need

The client sought to build a talent pipeline to develop domestic leaders for key succession planning.

The objective was to create a pool of talent that continues to carry forward the culture and values of the client, with across-functional lens, to drive innovation and growth as the business continues to extend it's Fresh and Packaged business units in key Asian markets.

The Solution

Lanterne Rouge designed & delivered a Management Associate (MA) Programme including all collateral and processes toattract, assess, select and develop MBA Graduates over a 2 year rotational programme, with the aim to develop them into Leaders within a 10 - 15 year period.

A Learning Community Manager (LCM) is assigned each year to enable each cohort through their hiring and development journey, including curation of online learning content, and group and 1:1 coaching.

Each cohort concludes with a final learning capstone, and continuous improvement review to iterate future cohorts.

The Result

1) HR and the broader leadership team have demonstrated a robust talent pipeline, ensuring the clientremains competitive into the future.

2) Project Supervisors benefit from MBA insights brought to existing projects, resulting in product and partnership breakthroughs.

3) MA's are able to make an impact across the organisation. The opportunity to rotate through various roles and geographies, coupled with regular coaching, ensure they will excel in their career.


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