First Time Managers

The role of Manager is essential to every organization, and the first management position is a key career moment for any individual – yet many organizations under-invest in the skill development required for this role.

First Time Managers with BOLDY

How We Develop Managers

Our workshops + coaching approach to developing first-time managers ensures the right mix of theory, practice, reflection and peer work to ensure consistency and strength of management practices across your business. The role of the manager is so critical to your business success - lets get the foundations in place!

  • The role of the manager is essential to most talent initiatives

  • Few companies invest in consistent management skills

  • Strong management impacts business performance exponentially

Coaching themes & content include:
1. Managing performance
2. Goal setting
3. Prioritization
4. Delegation
5. Effective meetings
6. Managing up
7. Talent planning
8. Situational leadership
9. Impact of mindset
10. Emotional intelligence

  • Workshops delivered face to face or remotely

  • Selection from shortlist of 3 Coaches – deeply experienced in bundle themes

  • BOLDLY access – 12 months

  • VIA Strengths assessment & debrief

  • Curated media content & activities aligned to themes

  • Guided goal setting

  • Blended online and f2f delivery where possible

We have a wealth of training resources, facilitators and coaches, with experience in this important career stage. Lets talk about bringing a solution together for you with the following components:

  • Coaching sessions - 1:1 or Group Coaching available

  • Workshop content - remote or classroom

  • Platform - communications plan and learning journey

  • Project plan - rollout, stakeholder management and programme tracking


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