Career Counselling Skills for HR.

Does your HR team know how careers really work?

Along with your managers, HR are usually at the frontline of critical, personal career decisions for staff.

Understanding how to counsel your people through career planning is a core skill, and we're here to help.

About Career Counselling with BOLDLY

Our Programme for HR Professionals

HR are often the first line of counsel when it comes to career decision making. Often a Professional Coach, Mentor, Sponsor, Boss or Trainer will also be involved, however the HR Partner becomes the ‘hub’ in this wheel of professionals supporting staff through their goal planning, development and performance cycles.

And yet, HR don’t always feel like they’re experts in ‘how careers work’ – how do career decisions actually get made? What is the best development opportunity? Does a good boss do more for your career than an overseas secondment, or visa versa?

To be able to give good counsel, and therefore impact staff careers appropriately, HR should be confident in modern career dynamics and understand their resources.

  • HR don’t always know the ‘science’ of how careers work

  • Careers are changing rapidly in the world of gig, flex, and remote work

  • To give good advice, HR need referenceable case

  • Dynamic factors such as identity and economy need to be understood

We work closely with your HR team through a series of workshops and practical exercises to illuminate career pathways, discuss their real-life career management cases, and support the crafting of career narrative within your organisation.

We deep-dive into the career themes of Female Leaders, General Managers, and Early-Careers rotational programmes, and can co-create content to delve into the careers of other strategic talent populations.

We facilitate a series of workshops, with practical exercises and a comprehensive career counselling handbook for HR to use, in line with your existing talent templates and practices.

- 6 month program
- Practical, hands-on exercises
- Delivered online, in peer cohorts
- Handbook for career counselling

Through workshops and capstone exercises, we bring a combination of off-the-shelf content and handbooks to collaborate with your internal frameworks, career pathways and career planning processed to ensure HR have the necessary skills to animate the career counselling conversations presenting internally.

Lets speak about a solution for your business - reach out and we'll help you bring it all together!

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