Advanced Analytics

We have unique capability in the evaluation & insights space through our extended advanced analytics engine that allows us to connect, aggregate and interpret trends using multiple data sources in addition to BOLDLY data.

About Advanced Analytics with BOLDLY

How We Analyse Progress

Company Admins have access to standard inbuilt reporting within BOLDLY. This is real time data that covers

  • User breakdown

  • Cohort breakdown

  • Session details

  • Activities and Media Goals

We work with our clients through a scoping design workshop to understand what analytics and measures are important to them and can build accordingly. These can constantly evolve over time as the data begins to paint a picture and we begin to see trends.

The data is updated in real time and PowerBI allows us to slice and dice so we can look at different job levels, cohorts, countries etc. This way we are able to create scalable customised analytics. We are able to provide either regular reporting i.e. Monthly/ Quarterly as well as self-serve reporting where you would be able to pull as required.

We have developed quality survey feedback activities that are sent to the Coach and Coachee at regular intervals.

The quality feedback results are aggregated and form cohort, group and company wide insights into the traction and progression of coaching. 

Importantly, at the end of the engagement, Coachee are asked to complete an NPS question on their Coach. This data forms the Net Promoter Score for Coaches and becomes another quality measurement tool for Coaches. 

We work with you to measure the unique return on investment (ROI) of coaching for your organisation.

We believe firmly that coaching ROI can’t be compared between businesses, because the measure often includes qualitative data, with a range of collection methods. For this reason, our approach to ROI is always bespoke, taking into consideration your business goals, the data you have available, and what the key objectives and levers of your coaching culture are, to determine how we measure value over time.
Let’s discuss how we can help you establish the right metrics for your organisation, and consistently track them.


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