Working from Home Challenges Part 3

September 18, 2020
Alexandra Lamb

"How do we build deeper connection with our colleagues while unable to meet them physically for lunch, coffee, etc?"

This is one of many similar questions that came in from our BOLDLY users in response to the #WFH conditions through COVID. While we may be making our way back to the office in some markets, our social networks will need nurturing. Our Coaches and Mentors tell us that people are feeling more awkward with their workmates when they get to meet in person, but in many cases they've yearning for deeper colleague connections - we've been through this challenge together, and we know the power of our relationships to support and restore our workplaces now.

Here we share some ideas on how our social networks have been impacted, and how to build them, taking into consideration how our work and life homes are now more interconnected than ever before.

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