Founding A Business With Soul With Vivian Story

January 26, 2021
Alex Lamb

Vivian Ke Story is a Korean Canadian entrepreneur, now based in Ho Chi Minh City, and is the Founder of Soul Story Skincare which is committed to using Korea’s advanced innovations to create luxurious formulations with healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients, while eliminating abrasive and toxic chemicals including parabens, oxybenzone, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), that are detrimental to our skin and health. Vivian is infusing her personal journey into her business & products.

From immigrant roots, she hard-worked her way to the front office before pivoting her life towards wellness. As a female founder, she's long-been cultivating the grit to thrive through COVID. This conversation covers it all, showing that your personal story is always reflected in your best work.

In this discussion we touch on:

  • Inclusive products for all skin types
  • Doing business and settling in Vietnam 
  • Taking the leap to move careers and countries - confidence and courage.
  • The immigrant’s journey
  • Recognising the quality of diversity
  • Following passion and purpose
  • Listening to health as a key driver for career decisions
  • The entrepreneur’s journey as a Female founder.

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