Career Zigzagging with Vaughan Bhagan

October 29, 2020
Alex Lamb

Vaughan Bhagan has done it all... mostly! He has extensive experience working in senior Visitor Experience roles in the commercial and hospitality sectors, in high profile environments including the Southbank Centre, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Millennium Dome.

He studied International Tourism (ITH Schloss Klessheim Salzburg, Austria) and Hotel and Hospitality Management (the Hospitality Institute Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago) and a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of the West Indies. He has worked extensively with complex policies and procedures, budgets and innovation.

In this discussion we touch on:

  • How career zig and zag
  • The randomness of career events, and the gravitational pull we often feel towards an industry or work.
  • Finding belonging through friendships and networks.
  • Creating a workplace of belonging with D&I programs.
  • Moving internationally for study and work. Finding places where you're accepted and not.
  • Vaughan's hope that companies come out of COVID with more consideration for human resource.
  • Experiencing job loss. Building a community to give and take in these tough career times.
  • D&I business. Going to the courses. 
  • Recruitment and training. Ugly conversations in training at work.
  • Necessary ART:

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